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About Us

Alaska Superintendents' Association

The Alaska Superintendents Association (ASA), is the premier organization dedicated to providing unwavering support, professional development opportunities, and fostering collaborative networks for superintendents across Alaska. At ASA, we are committed to supporting superintendents at every stage of their careers—whether they're aspiring leaders, new to the role, or seasoned professionals.

The primary goal of ASA is to facilitate a cohesive community where superintendents can come together, exchange ideas, share experiences, and collectively work towards the common objective of nurturing strong and effective educational environments in Alaska. We firmly believe that by collaborating and pooling our expertise, we can cultivate strong school systems and districts that empower our students to thrive and succeed.

ASA Membership is open to current superintendents as well as assistant and deputy superintendents, those who are aspiring and who are retired and others in the educational field.