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Alaska State Leadership Institute

The Alaska School Leadership Institute (ASLI) is carefully crafted to cater to the needs of leadership teams within rural and small schools. However, it's open to school teams from across Alaska, regardless of their location. The inclusivity of ASLI beyond rural settings is intentional, aiming to create a diverse and rich collaborative environment.

The program recognizes the unique challenges faced by leadership teams in rural and small schools. Often, these educational settings operate with fewer resources and encounter distinctive obstacles that demand innovative solutions. ASLI is structured to address these specific needs by providing a platform for shared learning, collaboration, and professional development. The overall idea is for teams to reflect on the past year and begin planning for the next one.

ASLI's large and small group sessions are strategically designed to foster connections among educators with similar roles in different districts. This setup allows participants to exchange ideas, share best practices, and gain insights into strategies that have proven effective in diverse educational settings. Learning from colleagues facing similar challenges can spark creativity and encourage the exploration of new approaches tailored to their specific circumstances